Resolving "My Qimtek" problems

This brief guide aims to help you resolve problems with "My Qimtek". If you are having problems opening downloaded drawings, click here. If you haven't even got that far because you can't login, read on!

The most common causes of login problems are:

  1. You are not clicking "login"
  2. Your password is incorrect
  3. Your account has been locked out
  4. Your browser is too old or not supported
  5. Your browser doesn’t have Javascript enabled
  6. Your browser does not accept "cookies"

Not clicking "login"

You must click the "login" button. Do not press "enter" on your keyboard

Incorrect Password

  • Ensure Caps Lock is not on, as the password is case-sensitive
  • You can click the "I forgot my password" link to have your password emailed to you.

Account Locked Out

If you (or someone else!) entered the incorrect password three times your account will be locked out. Please phone Qimtek to unlock it.

Old or Unsupported Web Browser

The Qimtek website has been extensively tested with Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox 3. Current versions of other browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Opera should also work but have not been tested.
You can usually check your browser type and version by clicking "Help" then "About"

Internet Explorer version 5 is not supported. If you are running an old version of Windows that cannot be upgraded to Internet Explorer 6 or 7, you may be able to install Firefox 3 from - it’s free.

Enabling Javascript and cookies

To logon you must have Javascript and cookies enabled. You can check these (and other) settings by clicking this link. A screen like this will display, and a copy is emailed to Qimtek.

Check that "Supports Cookies = True" and "Supports EcmaScriptVersion = 1.2" (or some other version) is reported. If not you will need to change your browser settings.
(note: If you cannot change the following settings contact your own IT department)
* In Internet Explorer 6 or 7, click "Tools", then "Internet Options", then "Security". Select the "Internet" zone then click "Custom level". Scroll down to the "Scripting" section near the bottom and ensure "Active Scripting" is enabled:

* In Firefox, click "Tools" then "Options", and in the "Content" tab make sure "Enable Javascript" is ticked:

Enabling cookies

  • In Internet Explorer 6 or 7, click "Tools", Internet Options", "Privacy" and set the slider at "Medium High" (or lower if you prefer)

  • In Firefox, click "Tools" then "Options", and in the "Privacy" tab ensure "Accept cookies from sites" is ticked.


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