Resolving "My Account" and "Login" problems

(For help opening drawings, click here.)

The most common causes of login problems are:

  1. You are pressing "enter" on the keyboard. You must mouse-click the "login" button
  2. Your password is incorrect. Click "I forgot my password" to have it re-sent. (nb: the password is case-sensitive).

    Be careful if you use copy/paste from the password-reminder email; hidden formatting characters might get copied too. It's probably safer to paste the copied password into a plain text editor such as Notepad, then copy/paste from here into the logon screen box.
  3. Your account has been locked out. Call Qimtek for assistance.
  4. Your browser is too old or not supported
  5. Javascript is disabled (login and other buttons don't "click")
  6. Cookies are disabled (your username and password disappear from the text box and you don't get logged in)

Browser Issues

Old or Unsupported Web Browser

We support Internet Explorer 6 (on Windows XP but not Windows 2000), IE7 & IE8, and Firefox 3. Current versions of Chrome, Safari or Opera should also work but have not been tested.
You can usually identify your browser version by clicking "Help" then "About"

IE 5 is not supported. If for any reason you don't want to upgrade Internet Explorer to 7 or 8, try Firefox from - it’s free and can run alongside your old Internet Explorer; it doesn't replace it.

Check your Javascript and Cookies security settings

To logon your browser must support Javascript and Cookies, and these options must be enabled. You can try our browser checker which displays a screen like this. A copy is also emailed to Qimtek.

Check that "Supports Cookies = True" and "Supports EcmaScriptVersion = 1.2 or similar is reported.

If you cannot change the following settings, contact your own IT department as they may have set security policy restrictions. It is also possible that your anti-virus or other security software prevents our site working correctly.

Enabling Javascript - Internet Explorer
Click Tools, Internet Options, Security, Internet zone, Custom level. Scroll down to the Scripting section near the bottom and ensure "Active Scripting" is enabled:

Enabling Javascript - Firefox
Click Tools then Options, and in the Content tab make sure "Enable Javascript" is ticked:

Enabling Cookies - Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8)
Click Tools, Internet Options, Privacy and set the slider at Medium High (or lower if you prefer)

Enabling Cookies - Firefox

Click Tools, Options, and in the Privacy tab ensure "Remember History" is selected.


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