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Ruukki specialises in steel and steel construction. We provide customers with energy-efficient steel solutions for better living, working and moving.

We have around 8,600 employees and an extensive distribution and dealer network across some 30 countries including the Nordic countries, Russia and elsewhere in Europe and the emerging markets, such as India, China and South America.


We intend to be an innovative and acknowledged provider of energy-efficient steel solutions to build a better living environment together with our customers.

The Ruukki brand is about serving customers, what we offer and how we deliver on our promises. We have a simple approach. It is called “demand more”. By demanding more, we challenge ourselves to build better living environments and help people to consume less energy, to run more profitable businesses and to make smarter use of renewable resources.

Read more about energy-efficient steel solutions for a changing world (pdf, 0.52MB).

Ruukki markets all products under the name Ruukki, and one Ruukki logo. Special steels have also their own product logos.

he main market areas are the Nordic countries, Central Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. Ruukki has a strong market position in all segments (commercial and industrial construction, residential construction and infrastructure construction) in Scandinavia and also in roofing products in Central Eastern Europe.

Growth is expected especially in residential roofing products and energy-efficient building components. Demand for Ruukki's residential roofing products is consumer driven, with renovation construction accounting for a significant share. Demand for renovation construction is significantly less dependent on economic business cycles than new construction is. The plan is to further develop distribution and service concepts.

Ruukki Building Systems

Boiler plant
The main market areas are the Nordic countries, Russia and selected international customers. Ruukki has a strong market position in Scandinavia and Russia.

Growth is expected especially in the Russian market. In Russia, the location of Ruukki’s production facilities in the immediate proximity of the Moscow expansion area is a major advantage. At the same time, we are capitalising on Russian investments to increase self-sufficiency in agriculture. The aim is to further develop the partnership network in Russia. Our own project business and production network will be developed for other business areas in response to existing demand.

Ruukki Metals

Ruukki Metals
Strong position in core markets in the Nordic countries and Baltic states. Global, cutting-edge manufacturer of special steel products. Diverse range of services in steel service centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Russia.

Sales of special steel products such as high-strength, wear-resistant and special coated steels are increasingly being more strongly directed towards the growing markets such as China, India, Brazil and Turkey, where the market outlook for special steels is promising.

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