Free Press Releases - News Service

You can publish your press releases and news about your company free of charge on the Qimtek News site, reaching thousands of companies in an instant.

The articles have a response mechanism and a direct link to your Qimtek Profile and website. If the news story is interesting it may be considered for the Qimtek newsletter sent out to thousands of buyers and suppliers in manufacturing.

What Can You Publish

Contract Awarded News

Qimtek News is mainly about contracts news and success stories. If you have a story regarding a contract or a customer you have won then we would be happy to publish it. Ideally provide as much as possible about the contract and your customer.


Any manufacturing-related article will be considered, especially if it covers the following subjects; selling, buying or sourcing in manufacturing.

Product News or Press Releases

Any product news or press releases relating to the manufacturing market will be considered for the Qimtek News site. For example if you have a product launch, or an improvement to a product. It could also be that you have invested in a new machine or expanded your facilities.

How Do You Write Your News Story

You always write your news story in third person, leaving out I, me, we, mine, our etc. Try not to make it too much like a sales leaflet, it is a news story and it should be an interesting read for your audience. On Qimtek you can upload a picture relating to the story.

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