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Advertise on, Sweden's largest industrial network! is Sweden's largest industrial network with over 12,000 registered users.

With marketing, you strengthen your brand and drive traffic / customers to your website. We have put together an online offer for you that gives results and is cost-effective.

Side-banner 180x200       Members price €110 p.m.
Top-banner 468x60          Members price €190 p.m.
Moving gif. or static jpg.



With a banner on you will be visible to industrial decision makers, the banner links directly to your website or a page of your choice.


- Side-banner in the Suppliers Network
- Side-banner on Home page, Live RFQs, For Sale and News for product suppliers
- Top-banner in the Supplier Network
- Top-banner on all pages

Manufacturing subcontractors and OEM companies are our users - about 14-15,000 users / month. See independent statistics from the SIS Index. Your banner is displayed on average 20,000 times a month.

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