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Qimtek is the leading online marketplace for the manufacturing industry

With more than 12000 registered manufacturers Qimtek Marketplace is the most comprehensive network of manufacturing buyers and suppliers. More than 6000 buyers such as Bombardier, 3M, ABB, Volvo and BAE use Qimtek to find suppliers and order parts.

As a supplier you receive a comprehensive online company presentation on the Qimtek marketplace which is linked to all major search engines. You get access to over 6000 registered industry buyers and decision-makers who use Qimtek to find and select suitable suppliers and order parts. There is no cheaper and better way to gain online access to the most valuable customer market and new business opportunities in the industry.

Benefits for suppliers:
- Present your company to over 12000 registered purchasers and users conducting thousands of supplier searches monthly.

- Get on-line access to thousands of valuable RFQs (Request-For-Quotations) annually

- Find ideal business for your company and grow your customer base.

- Use or support to improve your marketing and sales 

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We are happy to tailor membership options to suit specific promotional campaigns. Please contact a member of our team for assistance.

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